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Thursday, April 3, 2014 | 10:05 PM | 0 Love

Recently, it was March Holidays and I planned to go to Kuala Lumpur with my lovely grandparents and mummy and momo. We went to Kuala Lumpur for 3days 2nights, we took couch and it was a 5hours journey.. Throughout the 5 hours journey i was really having a good "night" sleep. Yup literally throughout! What can i say, i stay up late before the day i took off as i was talking to Haikal and skype-ing with him.. When we reached there the couch stop in front of Corus Hotel, we actually wanted to sleep at that hotel but then we heard that the hotel on level 13 is haunted sooooo.... We booked Zon Hotel instead and we regretted it as theres no wifi in the hotel room! But the room was really big as it is a suite hotel.. What i like about the hotel it is just across Twin Tower and Suria KLCC. We reached Kuala Lumpur at around 4.45pm as we took off from Vivo City at 10.50am. So basically we spend our day at Suria KLCC until 9.30pm, we had dinner and a little bit of shopping. So on the Second day i literally miss the teppanyaki at Pavillion, so early in the morning we went there to have our Brunch at the Halal Teppanyaki at the food republic(i think?), and it was nearly lunch time so it was full house but i was really tempting to eat, so we waited. After we had our brunch we headed straight to SHOPPING! I was actually thought of buying another pair of Dr Martens but then i was really lazy to go up to the store. After we done shopping we wanted to have our dinner at Suria KLCC, so we took a 7seater taxi, and it was jam while on the way. So on our last day, we just spend our day at corus hotel and Avenue K. Avenue K is a new mall, it is just across Suria KLCC but it is not officially opened yet after a little of shopping there we headed back to Corus Hotel to wait for the couch to arrive then off we go back to Singapore at 6pm.

I just wanted to talk about our relationship as 8 days left to our 4 years Anniversary. I just can't wait for the day, i just can't wait to spend quality time with you to celebrate our Anniversary as we have planned a lot for that day. 4 years of being with you has change my life, never i though we could stay strong till this day. How many argues and fights we had, can't compare with my love towards you. You have been a wonderful, caring boyfriend. Thank you for being patience with my attitude, yes i know i cant be perfect but i just wish i could be the one you wanted so badly. Our differences of physical looks, do matter to some people out there but no matter how many hurtful words they say you will always be there to defend our relationship. Im really blessed and really i can't asked for more. I love you 5ever as it is more then 4ever (LOL). Thank you so much, sorry for all the things i have done wrong, do forgive me. If you asked me why you? Easy, i will just say... MY HEART CHOOSE YOU! Bib, if you are reading this i just want to say Happy 4years Anniversary in Advance, i love you so much bib xoxo.

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