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Started my 2014 with ALHAMDULLILLAH
Monday, March 3, 2014 | 11:38 PM | 0 Love

This are my closes friends i have in my class, they are amazing!

I've been busy and also tired lately as I'm working part-time now at Pastamania. I'm proud to say that i've finally graduated from Nitec and I'm officially a Higher Nitec student this coming April. I've been posted to Human Resource Administration, its a new higher niter course. Thank Allah for letting me into the course that i wanted, alhamdullillah! And I'm really enjoyed my graduation day with my family and friends. I can't imagine all the dramas we went through for the past 11months, and the ups and downs we faced. Talking about school, I can't wait to have lunch with baby again and spend quality time with him in school. Till now i don't know whoever that posted into the same course as mine :( .. No dramas this time please, i just can't stand all the "hateness" to each other. I hope we could bond! I miss school so much, on the 18 of March i will be registering my course and bla bla… And i think i would surprise Sabrina with her birthday present on the same date as her birthday falls on the 13 of March.

After my graduation day i have a 3days and 2nights at Keppel Bunglow to celebrate a collaboration birthday of Marsya, Ibu and Uncle Fazly. Well i didn't took lots of pictures there, because i was busy swimming all the time till i turn supeeeeeerrrr TAN and the only picture i took was with baby. I regretted, but above all of that i really enjoyed myself as baby was there too! Marsya had the cutest cake of her life ever! i couldn't say any
thing more about the chalet because theres pretty little things that i really regretted doing there. I swear i won't swim at night anymore!


Today is the 3rd of March and baby surprise me with Roshe Run in pink. He said it's a advanced anniversary gift for me and i really can't expressed how happy i was just now! But then i ended getting scolded by my parents for having lots of shoes. I went to Etude House  to try out the Anti Acne Trial Set so i bought one of it. And i can't wait to see the result in a week! My 4years Anniversary is just next month and i really can't wait to see how it turns out! Because haikal and I have planned a lot of things that we are REALLY excited for! This is going to be the first time we are having a really FINE DINNING LUNCH DATE! And i'm looking forward to it, this year we are going to exchange gifts to each other. We thought of buying a new couple rings as our current ones are old i could say? I think i have nothing more to say, till next time..

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