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Behind Every Worst/Bad Day of Yours..
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 | 2:23 AM | 0 Love

"Everything happens for a reason"

Every time when I'm feeling depressed/sad/disappointed/a shame, this quote will come through my mind and never once it doesn't. But do you guys ever wonder what is the reason behind everything? Getting bullied is the worst thing that ever happened to me. I'm lying if i said I've never been bullied. Since i was in kindergarten, i have never been the favourite amongst all of my classmates. I have been the one that will be left behind by the teachers, classmates, boys.. etc. Till secondary life i have been bullied, on my first day of school. How would you feel on your first day you have been the one that your schoolmates hate the MOST. Everything that i do will never please them. How would you feel walking on my shoes every day to school. I have never asked to be fat nor ugly. This is what Allah have gave to me. I have never regretted having curves body, big butt, big boobs. Why do you have to say all those hurtful words to a curvy body like me? What makes me different than u guys? Do we ever done any wrong things to you? No we didn't, we just came to school to have our N/O levels qualification. For my life, it doesn't stop there. Even my 1year course on ITE for Nitec, i have been the one that people will be "ee, so fat, still want to be my classmate". I have never been excited for school ever. Because how friendly i am to them, how innocent i am to them, how noisy i am to them, they won't stop swearing all those hurtful words to me. Sometimes, i said to myself, when will it stop? I have been trying to lose weight, do you guys know the struggle we face everyday? Do you guys even know how it felt to hear all those hurtful words? I don't think so. People across the street, in the mall, in the school, when ever they saw haikal and i walking together, i will always hear they said "ee, that guy have no taste, got eyes for fat girl some more" I will always shed a tears when ever i came across those people. I don't even know them, what's your motive of saying that loudly. I never wished to have an acceptable boyfriend to be with a fat girl like me. LOVE have no boundaries, that is what haikal will always say to me. How caring and sweet can he be and i can't asked for more. Life with Haikal for the past 4 years, have been amazingly blessed. Some people would asked, how can you both be together till now? Well, in a relationship we need trust, we need to understand our partner really well. No matter what happen don't give up, don't cheat on them. Because one day, you might not know he/she is the one you need the most to stay alive.. If i never met haikal, my life would be the worst than our fights. A quick reminder, "before loving someone love yourself, be confident in yourself, listen to your heart and let it all be free, pray to Allah/your god, and thank them for everything because "Everything Happens for A Reason".

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