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Story of my life
Wednesday, December 25, 2013 | 1:54 AM | 0 Love

There's a lot of ups and downs in my life that I regretted, such as not studying hard enough. My life change a lot since I became a teenager, and I have gone thru a lot of "relationshit" problems, "friendship" problems and all the main problems teenagers face this days. During my Nitec life, I had a lot of hard time having a friend to support me. I fought with my best friend a couple of times and I had a hard time having to solve it, now we aren't close anymore. But I do have my classmates that still support me like Amira, Ashiqa, Izzlyn and Rasyidah not forgetting my boyfriend that will always be there. 

On the 20 of Dec 2013, our results were out. And on 1.30pm I FINALLY get to login to ITE Portal, and I can say that I am satisfied with my results. I do think that I could do much better, but I will do my best on HNitec next year inshaallah. Time flies, and it's already Christmas, and its going to be 2014. And I want to wish that I could have a better friend, better future and make everyone that I love happy. Today, wasn't a bad day but I had a bad knee problem on the evening and I can't stand the pain I felt till now. It hurts badly, and I wish my bae was here helping me out. My relationship with bae its quite complicated. We always fight this dayzzss, I'm would like to change for our future if we still want to be together. We had a bad attitude problems, well everybody has one. But still, I would wish that 2014 will be better than this year, inshaallah. 

Well, you guys would be confused why randomly I wanted to blog. Reasons are, I would like to share my problems and how do I face it and basically share about my life. I also don't know if anyone would ever read my blog. But I think its fun blogging, and talking about my life like how youtubers do when they make videos. I haven't even had a chance to blog about myself, and having to write what are my personality like. So, this is my chance


Firstly, I am a 17 year old girl with a chubby body and not really pretty face. And I am proud to say that I am a Muslim. My race is Bengali, well basically I'm MIXED! Confused? Don't be, let me explain. My mum is Javanese(came from her dad(my grandfather), her mum(my grandmother) is Boyanese. My dad is Bengali(came from his dad (my grandfather), and his mum(my grandmother) have a chinese blood and indonesian blood. Well bengali is mixed by Pakistani and Punjabi. Okay I know you guys are confused with all this explanation, so whatever let's move on... I am the only daughter, sister, granddaughter(for my dad side) and so I am so called spoilt brad(I very manja lah). I have a sweet, loving and very caring boyfriend that I'm proud to be with. He's name is Muhd Haikal, he just turn 17 and we have been dating for almost 4 years. I love him for his honesty and his heart for appreciating my appearance because I am FAT. You guys can called me names, say I'm fat and LOL about it. But hey someone loves me, so basically I will be graduating from Nitec on Feb. And inshallah going HNitec on April. I am a Libra and September babies. I have 4 Apple products but my iPod lost :(, yes I regretted it but not my Macbook. I have a beautiful family, and lovely friends. And I love singing, I can't imagine my day without singing one song. I love cycling, wanna have a race, marathon? I am a coffee freak, buy me coffee day to night and we can be friends. I am hot temper, I don't like to wait, I don't like to repeat what i say. I fractured my left wrist once. I love purple and pink. I love shopping for shoes, bags and wallets because I can't have enough of those. I'm currently hungry and craving for nuggets(will buy for lunch tomorrow). Basically thats it, I think? Till next time..

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