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School's OUT!
Wednesday, December 11, 2013 | 11:28 PM | 0 Love


Been so long of not blogging and i started to miss blogging today. 
Timeline is busy about Danial getting married and saying that their childhood is over all that...
But here i am wishing them a very lovely marriage together, both of you going to have a really cute babies. The last time i blogged was during Raya. Now its school holiday till April! And I'm still slacking at home with no money and job. Well actually i have been searching for one but some contacted me but the location was far so just had to reject it. Had my finals during end of november was terrifying but i can manage it though. POA was fucked up, and i just had to leave as i can't think of any words to write. BEO was okay, as i put a lot of effort into it. Now schools out, holiday is in! Going for a day trip to Berjaya Times Sq this saturday with my bae. Cant wait, feeling so excited as its our first trip together! Counting down the days to Bae's birthday and i just can't wait to surprise him. I have put in effort with the DIY things for him and i hope he would see how much i put in for his birthday. Well not much of celebrating as his birthday we are going back from our trip. So how to surprise him right? Not forgetting my baby girl birthday on the 28th! We haven't even plan any but we will eventually. We actually planned to celebrate her birthday at the Singapore Zoo but december is the month of raining, so we can't even plan too early. I just can't wait for our meet up as i miss each one of my girls.. Lovely friends to be with. 

On the monday, 9 of december i get to meet up with shafiqah. Its been 2 weeks we didn't get to met due to school holidays and exams. We went to an 1hr and 30mins gym and training my tummy. I get my own personal trainers, not one but two. Lovely day on my monday blues, had a really good conversation and chit chat time with bff. We should meet up again and maybe gym or swimming? Or even shopping. I thought of going to buy haikal's birthday present tomorrow but shafiqah just texted asking for gym time with her. And haikal want to meet up tomorrow. Hais, how can i manage my time like this???

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