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Ups and Downs of Life
Tuesday, July 9, 2013 | 9:51 PM | 0 Love

So on the 7th of July, i get to meet her at Courts Megastore was too excited while waiting for her arrival. Thanks to Haikal for accompany me but at the same time he was also excited and was really nervous to meet Shila. She look stunning at that point of time to i was like in a dream when i met her in real life! We get to take pictures with her and yes of cos her autograph too. Shila signed both of our handphone cover too. But sadly when i reached home it started fading. But overall, i am really happy to get her autograph and get to take a picture her. Thanks Shila for coming to Singapore and i hope you will success in this career. SHILALAS!

Sinar Lebaran 2013.
Yes i get the tickets to go to Sinar Lebaran 2013, alhamdullillah!
Overall i would say it is 7 over 10? Why i rate that way? Because there were only 6 singers, and the act was not really as funny as i expected it to be. But i did enjoy myself and its really sucks to have a corn on my feet and thats the reason why i can't wear heels that is too high now. But i hope i will disappear SOON! I went with my mum, granny, Haikal, Aqil and Rusyaidi. But hey don't worry catch Sinar Lebaran on the 7 of August okay? 

Started school on Monday and the timetable for this semester was okay and i get my result slip already. And i heard our director has changed. I woke up late today, and i was freaking out already. So i took a cab to school, waste my money because of my stupid laziness to school. But alhamdullillah i reached school at 8.13 am. Tomorrow start school at 9am, and ya i still haven't really started to pay attention in class because school is just boring and the new subjects too! But i really have to endure for the next 4months, minus sat and sun and also dec holiday. So i hope i can make it. Inshaallah

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