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July Issue
Thursday, July 4, 2013 | 11:57 PM | 0 Love

Happy 4th of July 

Its the month of July now, and that means school is going to start next week on the 8th of July. Timetable gonna change. And there will be no wellness day for me anymore. Because its going to be a long day on wednesday now. New semester and new result okay! I would like to do my best, because a lot of my family members is counting on me even my boyfriend i don't want to disappoint them. And my relationship with Haikal is getting better, alhamdullillah. We seldom fight now, thats a good starting lah kan?

Today i have a interview about the Beijing Trip for this September Holiday. I really hope that i will be chosen, because the interview went really well. Really well than i expected. Blessed to have Allah always by my side! And not forgetting my boyfriend that accompany me and also my classmates that interview too. Goodluck to them too ya? Actually i was late for the interview but the power of Allah, when i reached school interview haven't even started for OE. Alhamdullillah, SYUKURAN! Terima Kasih ya allah, ya tuhanku. 

Tomorrow it the Sinar Lebaran recording, I hope that my dad will get the free tickets!! Omg, i really would like to go lah. I just miss going to Mediacorp. I would just pray to Allah. So tomorrow is Jumaat, so all the muslim guys please go to the mosque at the latest at 1pm to Solat Jumaat. Inshaallah allah akan melindungi orang orang yang beriman. Amin

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