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The 11th
Friday, January 11, 2013 | 9:27 PM | 0 Love
Its the year of 2013 now. Happy 11th of Jan 2013. 
Im sucha lazy person to blog everyday, told ya before i blog and i treat it as a diary to me. 
Well, the 7th of Jan, i started my school life at ITE College East. New environment, new friends, new teachers, everything is just new to me. Okay, first day was quite interesting. Munirah and I is in the same class, YEAH! But then, my new class is boring cause we are like separate groups. Like the"cool" group one side, the "boring" group other side. Thats my class. Well, the coolest group just want to have the prettiest, the cutest, the skinniest all that. Who don't want sia. Okay whatever, enough talk about my class. Haikal just got his result yesterday, still he didn't manage to get into Office well said just accept the Electrical Technology. Good for you dear! Sabrina didn't even manage to get even 1 course, how sad. But still she stay strong. Inshaallah, ada hikmah di sebalik itu. Today is our(haikal and I) 33monthsary together. Alhamdullillah, we climb till here. But i don't want to stop here, i want to continue climbing until 2 become i don't know? Hehe, i love you sayang!

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