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End of 2012
Monday, December 31, 2012 | 7:39 PM | 0 Love

Look at this handsome boy, hehe. Picture taken on 15dec, on his birthday. 
Okay not talking about all that shit. Well went out to Queensway to buy daddy's present. And yes, i saw this pretty mary jane felt like buying it. Went out at 11am for breakfast, and bought paper plates for kenduri tomorrow and also went to sheng shiong for the monthly shopping. Okay whatever it is, i miss haikal so fuck much. Yes, i do. Im sorry for not meeting you today, busy and also tired my love. If you are reading this, i love you okay? So yes currently listening to Misteri Jam 12, seram siol! Im still confuse about the ITE registration, hmm can like anyone explain to me? Yesterday went to Orchard to buy my DC shoes and also mum bought me a pretty hello kitty necklace. Umi, thanks! Okay i like to call my mum, anything. Even her name, I'm so rude ... but its cute! I love to have the mum and daughter bonding! 

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